Athens And Sparta From The Land Of Ancient Greece Essay

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Athens and Sparta were two city-states in the land of Ancient Greece. In fact, they were the largest of them all. Athens was a very calm and creative city who was known for thriving in politics and economy. They were also very laid back. In Athens, you could get a good education and major in whichever subject you chose. Focusing on scholastics, they allowed serving in the military to be a choice, not a requirement. However, Sparta was a very strict city that is remembered especially for their military strategies and power. They were focused on producing strong military soldiers and conquering other regions, not having academic intelligence. Athens and Sparta were two cities who hated each other. They were often in strife with one another. Even though these two cities were enemies, they still had a few similarities between them.

Athens (which was named after the goddess, Athena) was a Greek city-state which was known very well for their development in politics. This place was located in the Attica region of Greece. The Athenians were the first to create the form of government known as a “democracy”, which in this case is known more exclusively as a “direct democracy”. This type of government was first created in Athens by three men: Solon, Cleisthenes, and Ephialtes in 507 B.C. In a democracy, the citizens of Greece (adult male citizens) were given the chance to vote on all laws and participate in the government. Woman, children, and slaves could not participate, for they…

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