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The Athenian temple is my favorite piece of architecture as far as the Greeks go. It is beautifully built and its history is rich. The Athenian temple stood tall and proud until Athens decided to anger the great Persian Empire. Athens was basically in ruins and had to be rebuilt. The reconstruction of Athens included the Athenian temple. When the Persian wars ended, Athens was thrust into a new age. The Golden Age marked a magnificent time for innovation and new temple of Athena.
The Golden Age of Athens, which was part of the Classical Period of Greece, was not a peaceful time. One would think that the Greeks would cease to fight once the Persian wars were over, but that was not the case whatsoever. The Peloponnesian wars began during this Golden Age. No amount of fighting stopped the Golden age from occurring though. Pericles came to prominence at the beginning and part of his agenda was to rebuild the Acropolis. The Athenian Acropolis was destroyed by the Persians when Athens had to abandon their home for safety. Amongst the rubble was the temple of Athena. Pericles had the temple, also known as the Parthenon, rebuilt first. The
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For some time art was not as prominent in Greek culture. The art made prior to the Golden Age was simplistic. The statue of Athena was thought out though and represents the classical ways of creating art. Lighting, fluidity, depth, and texture were all considered when constructing Athena and her temple. The Golden Age was a way for the Athenians to take pride in their achievements as well as revive human potential. The Golden Age was a sort of renaissance for the Athenians. Art was made important to give honor to their goddess and show the rest of Greece what Athens was capable of. It showed their power, wealth, ability, and achievements off in a way that made them an even larger super-power in Greece than they already

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