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Athenian Society
The Athenian society was known as the most powerful society and well-developed city in the ancient Greek world. The Athenian Society was also known for their brilliant innovations in a lot of fields of life that are still being used in today’s life. Those fields of life include literature, poetry, drama, theatre, schools, buildings, and government. The fact that Athenian society being the strongest and brilliant society in the Ancient Greek time makes it become the most interesting society to study about. This society has a lot to offer in terms of its history and culture. To really see what the Athenian Society look like, we have to look at some important factors. Those
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Besides being a philosopher, he was also recognized as a polymath. He covered a lot of subjects in his writings, including poetry, music, theater, physics, metaphysics, rhetoric, ethics, biology, politics, linguistic, government, and zoology. There were also some individuals who were known for their work in the classical Athenian politics. One of them was called Solon. He was known as the Athenian lawmaker, statesman, and poet. Another one was Cleisthenes. People refer him as the father of Athenian democracy. The third one was called Ephialtes. He was known as the classical Athenian politician and also an early democratic movement leader.
The Classical Athens' political system was democracy. Athenian democracy was one of the first known democracies. Most of other Greek cities follow the Athenian model of democracy. Athenian democracy was a direct democracy. Direct democracy is a political system in which the people vote on legislation and executive bills in their own right and they do not elect the representatives to vote on their behalf. However, the participation in this activity was not open. Women, children, and slaves were not allowed to vote because they were not considered as citizens. The Athenian Democracy was also called “The Rule by many”. They called it “The Rule by many” because all citizens were required to participate in it. That means huge amounts of people were involved although women, children, and slaves were not included. So

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