Atheist Vs Christianity

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Morality of Christians Versus Atheists The thought of not believing in a God is a relatively new idea in the global aspect, while Christianity and other religions alike have been around for centuries upon centuries with the people having no choice but to follow the teachings of that religion or face persecution or even death. The question of the morality behind religions is a relatively a new one, popping up mostly on the twenty-first century. Morality by definition is “beliefs about what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior” ("Morality."). While the two religions have Completely plateau opposing views, their definitions are as follows: “Atheism: rejection of belief in God or gods” ("atheism"). And “Christianity: The religion based …show more content…
These people who are supposed to be kind, godly people are treating myself and others poorly and bullying each other. The second reason Christians can come off as being less moral than those that are Atheists is their motives for kindness, any decent deed they do, or even just choosing to not do the wrong deed. When an Atheist does a respectable deed or anything kind they do not do it, believing that they will journey forward to an afterlife and be rewarded or judged for that act by the concept known as God. On the other hand, A Christian does deeds, believing full well that they will be let into heaven, or even rewarded for this act of kindness. Doing something kind while expecting a reward could be viewed as less moral than the opposite of doing it out of genuine …show more content…
I believe that good can & should be done without worrying whether or not you 've done sufficient good to be rewarded” (Rife). The third reason does not come solely from my own personal experience, but the experience of several others. Christianity, not just recently, but throughout centuries has been a highly judgmental religion due to their religious standards. An early example would be the Salem Witch Trials where Christians killed and persecuted a large amount of people on the claims of ‘witchcraft’ when in actuality it was people who suffered from epilepsy and mental illness (Quintanilla). A more modern version of this judgment is the hatred of homosexual marriage coming from the Christians. They use what is supposed to be a loving, caring God and scripture to discriminate and spread hate, and that just isn’t especially moral in the eyes of the majority. Christians use The Bible to give cause to their hate by picking and choosing parts of it to coincide with their agenda of spreading the gospel and supposedly saving souls from the eternal and the fiery pits of

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