At & T Compensation Strategy

recommendations, demonstrating strong communications skills, and acting with honesty and integrity. First, listening carefully is a critical skill to identify the needs and concerns of customers. A salesperson that can listen carefully will provide customers with better recommendations and a great experience.
Next, asking probing questions enables a salesperson to better identify a customer’s needs. For example, many customers are not sure what their needs are. Therefore, customers rely on expert salespersons to ask questions that identify both gaps in their current service and desires for new products and services. Probing questions enable employees to uncover additional sales opportunities that help them reach their sales goals.
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In fact, “the compensation strategy differentiates the organization on the job market and builds the attractiveness of the company for the top talents” (“HR Management Guide,” n.d., para. 2). AT&T offers its employees above-average compensation. According to the AT&T Bargaining Education Deck (2012), the average AT&T Call Center Representative makes $27,000 more than the U.S. real median household income. The many positions at AT&T are consistently above the average U.S. annual income. The above-average compensation plan supports the company’s recruiting efforts, making the company more attractive to current and future …show more content…
The company’s current benefits package includes flexible health coverage. Flexible health plans are desirable because they meet the individual needs of employees. For example, a young, single employee may not need extensive health coverage. Therefore, selecting a base model high-deductible plan might be the best solution for this employee. Conversely, an older, married employee with a family of four might need a more expensive low-deductible plan to cover her health needs. In addition to health benefits, the company’s benefits package includes above-market employer contributions to employee 401(k) plans of up to 6%. This is well above the industry average of 2.7% (, n.d.). Furthermore, the company’s benefits package offers flexible spending accounts, employee discounts, and work-life balance. The benefits package successfully aligns with the company’s value

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