Essay on `` At Castle Boterel `` By Thomas Hardy

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“At Castle Boterel” is a beautiful, emotionally charged piece of poetry by Thomas Hardy. It has beautiful imagery that pulls readers into the emotions of the speaker. His treatment of time is bewitching in it’s beauty and haunting in that he makes it feel as though it is fleeting even as you read the poem its self. However there is a mystery in the lines of “At Castle Boterel”. Hardy’s line “Something that life will not be balked of…”(Hardy) continues to invite readers to flush out its meaning. He speaks of something that life will not be denied, and what can this be but the truly glorious moments of love. The simple, unexplainable moments that cannot be forgotten.

Hardy begins the piece with a dreary scene: a waggonette on a road in the rain and the speaker, Hardy, looking behind him at a scene from his youth. Yet despite the gloom of the setting the speaker remembers a clear day in March when his love and he climbed the hill he is now looking out on. This is important because, even in the dismal weather with the weight of mourning heavy upon him, Hardy’s memory of that beautiful day, when he was there with her, is not diminished. In fact, it is not even greatly obscured by time. He says he can see it “distinctly still”(Hardy). Even if it is only briefly the love of that moment demands to be present despite the passage of time since its occurrence.

Time is the enemy of these things or at least so it seems to be at first glance. The moments of love are fleeting, flying…

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