Essay about Asylum Seekers

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A topic that’s been constantly debated over the last few years in Australia is the treatment of Asylum seekers. The opinion piece and the cartoon share a similar stance on the issue. ‘Australia’s ugly secret: we still warehouse asylum seekers’ by Julian Burnside and a cartoon by Andrew Dyson, both from the Age newspaper share the idea of cruel treatment by Australian official to the in need refuges. Julian makes his point very clear about how ‘warehousing’ the asylum seeker is not the right way to treat human being. The cartoon by Dyson presents a view to the readers that Kevin Rudd is incompetent in keeping the refugees ‘afloat’. The article by Julian Burnside states a point right from the title, ‘Australia’s ugly secret’ giving the …show more content…
After describing the process, the writer uses loaded words such as perfunctory and superficial to describe the government’s way of dealing thing. The author’s language has turned more direct towards the government and he uses a more angry tone. The writer then turns to the sense of justice in the readers by comparing soldiers who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Taliban where most of the refugees are from and the victims as a result of the war. He asks the readers ‘Why is it that so many Australians can readily recognize the evils of the Taliban……. But they cannot extend that understanding to the victims of those groups?’ making the readers think about how the victims and the soldiers who were killed are not so different and that they should be accepted as part of our society. Once more using emotive language the author sums up how much ‘shame’ he feels for the way the Australian government treats refugees and compares the process with ‘Russian roulette’, hoping that the readers understand that the process of seeking asylum is no small joke and takes great risk and courage. Similarly, the cartoon by Andrew Dyson portrays the Australian government as incompetent and irrational in dealing with the asylum seekers. The head of Kevin Rudd

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