Astronomy Unsw - Phys 1160 Module 3 Answers Essay

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PHYS1160-­Introduction to Astronomy T1 2014
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UNSWA -­ University of New South Wales SCI -­ Faculty of Science PHYS -­ School of Physics Module 3 (Weeks 5-­6) — Life on Earth and in the Solar System PHYS1160-­5144_01311

Module 3 Quiz

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C. It acurately simulates conditions on the early Earth. D. It shows how life can be derived from non-­living materials.

Marks for this submission: 5.00/5.00.

Question 7 Correct Mark 10.00 out of 10.00

Earth's Timeline — Rank the following events in the history of the Earth in order from Earliest to Latest i.e. in the sequence:

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Earliest -­ 2nd -­ 3rd -­ 4th -­ 5th -­ 6th -­ Latest Giant Impact forms the Moon Dinosaurs go extinct



Oxygen build up in atmosphere Earliest Life (according to fossil evidence) Earliest Humans




Earliest Mammals


End of the heavy bombardment



Marks for this submission: 10.00/10.00.

Question 8 Correct Mark 5.00 out of 5.00 Flag question

Scientists are mostly sceptical about claims of the possible evidence of fossil extraterrestrial life in the Martian meteorite ALH84001 because [SELECT ALL THAT APPLY] Select one or more: A. There are possible abiological mechanisms for producing most of the reported evidence for life. B. There is no clear evidence that the meteorite actually came from Mars. C. The meteorite could have been contaminated during its time on Earth. D.

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