Astronomy Is A Field Of Science That Studies Space Essay

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When I was young, my father would often take me outside on cool, dark nights with a telescope twice my height and point out various stars and nebulae. I was enthralled with what I saw, but as my father’s interest dimmed and these nights grew infrequent, I began to forget about the awe space had once inspired. As I grew older, I began to foster an interest in the sciences, specifically physics and chemistry. While my decision varied from veterinarian to author and everything in between from elementary school to my freshman year of high school, I remembered the passion those nights with my father had sparked so long ago, and my major seemed clear: astronomy, or as I later realized, astrophysics. Astronomy is a field of science that studies space, and astrophysics is a branch that focuses on the physical and chemical aspects. Since I had always loved chemistry, physics, and space, the field seemed perfect, but when I delved deeper into the subject through research and interviews, some issues appeared.
I decided to first find my interviewees, as this posed the greatest difficulty. While I didn’t know any members personally, I had been a part of the Raleigh Astronomy Club (RAC) for almost a year, and this group held great potential. I sent out an email to the RAC requesting any current or former astrophysics to contact me if willing to participate; the next day, I received an email from Ian Hewitt, an amateur astronomer. He wasn’t a likely candidate, but he referred…

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