Asthma Essay

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Priority Needs According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are approximately 300 million individuals worldwide suffering from asthma (WHO 2006). It is expected by the year 2025 there will an additional 100 million persons diagnosed with asthma. As the prevalence of this non-communicable disease continues to rise there must me methods implemented to control and monitor. It is with this foundation that a needs assessment was conducted in the emergency department (ED) of the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas.
Uncontrolled asthma places an enormous strain on individuals’ and health systems resources, and is a major cause of hospitalizations and poor quality of life (Mash et al. 2009) The Center for Disease Control
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The scope of the database will be to input the information into the computer system, store it, process, display, retrieve and be able to share the information with health care providers to optimized standard care provided. The information generated on the computer can be uses to influence the practice environment in the areas of developing standards, promoting research and ensuring that all the necessary resources are available to provide the best quality care.
The manager of the Accident & Emergency Department stated that there is a need to monitor the amount of asthmatics who utilize the emergency department annually. Even though there is no research to show the trend of asthma in the emergency department it is noted during certain periods there is an increase in the amount of individuals. During these peak times it is noted that the patients who are present would have had received treated within the last several months. The question to ask is these persons being managed other that the ED and by whom.
The purpose of the database is to develop a system to be used in the emergency department to assist in the care of the patients with asthma. The goal is to reduce the amount of patients using the ED by ensuring that they are being monitored appropriately and the analyzed the management of the system
Restraining/Facilitating Factors According to Burnes (as cited Lewin 1947) stated that change is a process

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