Essay on Asthma Is A Serious Respiratory Disease

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Asthma is a serious respiratory disease that is affecting an increasing number of people across the world. The disease is associated to the inflammation of bronchia which restrict the patient’s berating. Asthma is not curable but can be managed by the patient to live an almost normal life. Tammy is currently 17 years of age and is on the school cheer leading team. She has also been experiencing an increasing number of attacks in recent years clearly demonstrating Tammy and her parents lack the required information and knowledge linked to managing Asthma. Being a respiratory disease it is usually triggered by allergies to different elements found in the air the patient breaths in. It can also be triggered by other aspects such as medication, cold, laughter and medication.
Understanding the Asthma Respiratory Disease
Asthma is a respiratory disease which involves the inflammation of the Tricia and other lung passages resulting in difficulty breathing (Martinez & Vercelli, 2013). The patient is also capable of experiencing mucus buildup which results in blocking the breathing passages further. As the passages grown more congested the medical condition is classified as more dangerous and in serious cases can even lead to death. Tammy requires understanding that excessively exhorting to her body results in hard breathing and this could also trigger asthma. She is also exposed to considerable number of elements while on the field which also increases the risk of…

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