Social Work Ethics Paper

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The Association of Black Social Work is the second organization that I plan on joining. With this organization, I am going to discuss a few of their code of ethnic. One of their code is to “regard as primary obligation the welfare of the Black individual, Black family, and Black community and to engage in action for improving social conditions.” The Black communities sometimes do not get enough help as they should get and it is up to this association to advocate for this community and fight for their rights so that they can get all the things that they would not have otherwise have gotten. The second code of ethnic states is that “I give precedence to this mission over my personal interest.” This is very important because for every organization …show more content…
According to the CSWA-Ethics and I will discuss a few of their code of ethnic. The first code is the general responsibilities of clinical social workers. Social Workers primarily have a responsibility to their clients and have to make sure that they do everything within their power and within their rights to make sure that their clients get the things that they need. The second is confidentiality. Confidentiality is very vital when dealing with client because when working with client, clients will give out private information that is meant for only the social worker’s ear and it is very important that they keep it to themselves unless it is something that is legal than they have the right to get the authority involve. Other than that, the right the client’s privacy is very important if not they might run into legal issues as well as them violating the oat that they took as a social worker. The last ethnic code is that the social worker has a responsibility to the community. Social workers as they work in a community has to make sure to know the rules and regulation, the norms and expectation of the community that way they can work within that and so that they would not unknowingly break any rules. Social workers have to be able to work with the community and its people because the person dictates what they want and need and they have to be able to provide that. I anticipate these Organizations upon joining when I graduate from the

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