Essay about Association And Maintain Eternal Harmony Among Us

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association… and maintain eternal harmony among us” . The poor, or disadvantaged men, supported this notion of the state for it encourages ambition and envy, guised as opportunity for social mobility as long as the work hard within the system. Rousseau described the creation of this institution as the destroyer of natural liberty, and “eternally fixed the law of property and inequality… [and] subjected all mankind to perpetual labour, slavery, and wretchedness.” For these laws ensured cemented social classes and created little opportunity for social mobility. In addition to greed and ambition, most citizens advocated for the creation of the state for the inequality introduced to humanity by society causes conflict that needed to be controlled and legislated. However, they agreed to an inherently unequal system, they “All ran headlong into their chains, in hopes of securing their liberty.” Thus, the modern society was born out of ambition and lies therefore it is not unreasonable to expect society to reflect its Origin, unless through the social contract the right foundations of reason and wisdom are established.
In his second work the Social Contract, Rousseau illustrates a very different type of state, contrasting the one found in the Origin of Inequality. In the Social Contract, Rousseau writes about the ideal configuration of the state. One that is inclusive through the General Will and the fundamental rights found in the liberal tradition.
In the Social Contract,…

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