Assistive Technology Plan Essay

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Assistive Technology Plan
Sarah Isbell
EDU 620/Meeting Individual Student Needs with Technology
Professor Murdock
November 12, 2012

Assistive Technology Plan

Name of Student: Johnny Sweetheart
Disability area: Visual impairment
Age/Grade: 6th grade 11 years old
Description of the learner:
Johnny is totally blind in both eyes. This is a defect from birth and there is no hope for correction. Johnny is a very bright and ambitious student. He does not let his impairment affect the quality of his life. He is completely self-dependent. He uses his walking stick to get from class to class and because the school is equipped with an AT setting, Johnny is able to make to the correct class by using the Braille directly under the room
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| This student would benefit from materials and text being printed out in Braille. The student would benefit from the American Printing House for the Blind and National Braille Factory Both of these companies provide material that is printed in Braille to help assist the student. “Braille is a communication system of touch that allows the persons who are blind to read, review, and study the written word. It consists of raised dots in a six-cell configuration, and each configuration represents a letter in the alphabet” (Beard, Carpenter & Johnston, 2011, p. 136). | 4.Pen and paper for taking notes | Since the student is totally blind they are not likely able to see the paper and may not know how to correctly write letters let alone read their notes afterwards. | A note taker device will benefit this student because the student will be able to use the device which utilizes the students voice and outputs the notes in a Braille format. Such devices include Note-Taking Device TransType and Braille Sense Plus | 5. Dictionary | The student will need a dictionary to look up vocabulary words but will be unable to read the text. | This student would benefit from a dictionary that has speech output. The student will be able to speak into the device and the definition will be read aloud to the

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