Assisted Suicide : The Morality Of Life And Preserving It Essay

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Assisted suicide is a widely-disputed topic based on the morality of the concept and the perceptions of the people maintaining those opinions and viewpoints. I will be discussing the various viewpoints, the reasoning behind those viewpoints, and the consequences of each in this paper. Physician aid in dying (PAD), or assisted suicide, is legal in Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Vermont, and California, with it being disputed in Montana. The thought of assisted suicide makes many people cringe and though there are benefits, people holding an opposing view tend to overlook them in favor of preserving life as long as possible, which can be admirable in its own way. One factor that colors people’s opinions of Euthanasia is religion. Most religions discuss the sanctity of life and preserving it. “The Christian view sees life as a gift from God, who ought not to be offended by the taking of that life” (Bartels L., Otlowski M., 2010). One of the seven deadly sins in Christianity is murder. Murder also goes against one of the ten commandments, which is what some view as assisted suicide. Similarly, the Islamic faith says that “it is the sole prerogative of God to bestow life and to cause death” (Bulow HH, Sprung CL, Reinhart K, Prayag S, Du B, and Armaganidis A, 2008). However, in Islam it is acceptable to withhold treatment when death is seen as the natural course.
Another argument that tends to be presented is that someone willing to end their own life is not in their right…

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