Essay on Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized

1314 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
In every state in America except Oregon and California, it is permissible to withhold treatment and let a patient die, but impermissible for a physician to take direct action to assist the patient in ending their life. Both scenarios involve a patient dying, and highlight the difference between letting a patient die and killing them. Either way, the patient is giving up all hope of a cure, medical breakthrough, miracle, or even an extended life. Dan Callahan, an advocate of keeping physician suicide illegal, highlights the metaphysical, moral, and historical arguments against physician assisted suicide that violate the integrity of the medical profession by intentionally killing. The US courts have already set precedents against physician assisted suicide, as there is no fundamental liberty interest in legalizing assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide should not be legalized in Massachusetts, as Dan Callahan’s Killing and Allowing to Die and the US courts have opposed assisted suicide. Dan Callahan’s metaphysical view on assisted physician suicide is based off of the premise that there is a difference between the self and the external world, as the world is independent of an individual’s actions. His argument focuses on the difference between human agency and natural agency, and that the self cannot control nature. There is a common misconception, or fantasy, between what happens that a person can control, and what is independent of their actions, and individuals try…

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