Assisted Suicide Should Be Outlawed Essay examples

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Suggesting death as recourse for terminal illness drags a sick man into quite the plight. The debate over whose decision it is to uphold a human life is one with a vast range of opinions. Some believe it should be up to God, whereas others assert that it is the right of an individual; however, the ultimate verdict rests in the hands of the government. When tragedy leaves a victim in critical condition with no assurance of recovery, circumstances do not allow for a straightforward action plan. In any state of affairs, it is optimal to continue the life of a patient, even if it seems as though the ideal solution is death. Medical practitioners, relatives, and patients themselves do not deserve the pressure to decide this grave fate. The choice between life and death should not exist. Every human is entitled to the right to live, and it is important that there are federal laws in effect that protect this right. Assisted suicide should be outlawed because it is unethical.
The act of assisted suicide is unacceptable because it puts a number of parties involved in an inappropriate position. Most often, those whose lives are up for discussion cannot speak for themselves, so a family member is entrusted with the obligation of determining their fate. This duty is characterized by a tremendous amount of pressure that is unsuitable for a single person to manage. Granted, the decision is not truly up to this individual alone, for those invested in the proceeding will surely interject…

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