Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essays

1412 Words Apr 17th, 2016 6 Pages
The topic of assisted suicide has always had controversy around it. The severity and how permanent this decision is makes it so people are advised to think about it thoroughly. The arguments made against it are based on religion and morals, but is it morally right to keep someone who is suffering alive? In no way should killing be the first answer to someone who is terminally ill, but all people should at least have it as a legal treatment option. That is why assisted suicide should be legal for anyone wanting to do it is because the choice should not reside around religious beliefs of government officials, forcing these terminally ill men and women to stay alive and suffer is inhumane, and because as citizens there are so many things we are able to choose for ourselves without hesitation and this decision should be no different. The influences of religion are very much behind the reason our country does not see physician assisted suicide as a legal option. The affect religion has on court decisions is far too present and encouraged by the people, not nearly enough effort is being exulted in order to separate the church and state. An article on this topic reported that “The late justice Antonin Scalia went so far as to claim that Catholic officeholders should resign if their public office required them to perform duties opposed to church doctrine.” (Beres, Derek.) This is showing that those with high authority believe that passing anything against…

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