Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

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Assisted Suicide Is Not The Way To Go Imagine a world where firemen, upon request, could go to a person 's home to help the person die. The fireman would bring a match and set it next to the ailing person. After giving instruction on how to effectively light the match, the fireman would leave. The individual could then pick up the match and burn their house, committing suicide - fireman-assisted suicide. Or, if an individual was at the beach and wished to die. Informing the life-guard, the person would then go into the water to drown. The life-guard would not save the individual - life-guard assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide is happening around the world already. Assisted suicide presents too many legal, ethical, and moral opposition to be legalized even more than it is now.
Some people say otherwise. The idea that doctors should be allowed to prescribe lethal medication for patients who are close to death or suffering is gaining support across the world. Many countries and American States have already legalized assisted suicide. Bills and legal cases are in progress in about 20 American States, Canada, Britain, Germany and South Africa ("Final Certainty." 16). Many people believe that death is a basic right, as is the right to life, liberty, and happiness, and they should be able to have this right, whether they die naturally or choose when and how they wish to die. The Supreme Court of Canada states that desperately suffering individuals have Constitutional…

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