Essay about Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal?

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Imagine a family member, a close friend, or even yourself diagnosed with a terminally ill condition. Stuck to a hospital bed knowing you will eventually wither away and die. What would you do? Would you live day to day with the pain and strain on family members, or ask to be put out of your misery? This is the question on many people 's minds throughout the world. There is a solution to this predicament, assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is defined as “helping a person to end his or her life by request in order to end suffering.” (Humphrey, 2). This may seem very simple but, is in fact a very debatable topic. The question is: Is this ethical? And, should this be legal? I think that assisted suicide should be legalised, but only under certain circumstances.
There are two different types of assisted suicide, one more ethical than the other. Voluntary euthanasia and physician assisted suicide are these two types. Although these are both ways to end someone 's life they have several key differences. Voluntary euthanasia is defined as “Death by lethal injection by doctor when requested by patient.” (Humphrey, 5). This type of assisted suicide is only legal in the Netherlands. I think that this is an unethical way to administer assisted suicide, although the patient is making the decision to end their life it seems very wrong to have a doctor physically inject the patient with deadly drugs. One of the circumstances of legally executing assisted suicide should be the patient has…

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