Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

1541 Words Nov 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Assisted suicide is a very controversial topic in today 's society. Many people believe that the patient has the right to deny life-saving treatments, while many others argue it should not be legal. Although many countries and certain states have began enacting laws to legalize assisted suicide, it is still a very prominent issue today. “A doctor should allow a patient to die, with a patient’s and his/own family’s permission, rather than allow a patient to suffer in a vegetative state with little hope of recovery.” Whereas it can be seen as morally wrong, assisted suicide should be legal given that terminally ill patients have the right to choose to relieve their suffering. The term “brain dead” can be defined as the state where all necessary functions of life the brain can provide, cease to exist anymore. There are two ways to truly pronounce a person dead, one of these being drain death, the other being irreversible cessation of respiratory and circulatory functions. Patients who do not awake from a coma due to a severe head injury or illness after four months have roughly a 15% chance of minimal recovery, with an almost non-existent chance of full recovery. If a patient shows no signs of improvement, this is where moral boundaries will be crossed. If the patient does not have a living will, (a document stating how he/she would like to be cared for in the event communication to the patient is lost,) it is up to the patient’s designated health care agent to make the…

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