Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

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Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Physician assisted suicide is when a person makes the decision to end their own life by a lethal dose of drugs with the help of their physician. Although the patient is the one to actually “pull the plug” or commit the act to cause death, the physician is the one to prescribe the drugs or explain the method of suicide (Young 10). Physician assisted suicide is a hot topic that has become the center of debate for many years. The start of the debate began with the Oregon Death with Dignity Act that legalized the act of physician assisted suicide in 1994 after a long legal process. Three years later it was in danger of being repealed; however the movement to repeal failed, and the act is still in place today (Yount 12). One of the first public issues with assisted suicide was the situation with Dr. Jack Kevorkian, one of the best known advocates for assisted suicide. He was a pathologist until the 1980’s when he retired to pursue the idea of assisted suicide. After studying the concept, he developed a “death device”, known as the Mercitron, which helped over 130 individuals ease painlessly into death (Alters 10). The Mercitron was a machine that consisted of a saline solution, lethal dose of potassium chloride, and a painkiller. All the patient had to do was push a red button before they would slip into a sound sleep, never to wake up again (10). In October 1998, Dr. Kevorkian, nicknamed “Dr. Death,” videoed himself euthanizing a patient…

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