Assisted Suicide Should Be A Viable Option Essay

1392 Words Jun 24th, 2015 6 Pages
Dying With Dignity There are about 564,00 people who die yearly from cancer and about 3 million people die from HIV/AIDS these are the most common known terminal illnesses. Most people are even uncomfortable talking about these illnesses let alone how painful they can be to live through and how physicians assisted suicide could help. These illnesses are 2 of the most commonly known illnesses for being impossibly painful and for people having to suffer through them because they have no cure. In the end days of life with these illnesses people suffer through unimaginable pain and suffering. The patients usually have impaired thinking because they are on so many pain medications that they can’t think for themselves they are not always awake because of the pain medication such as morphine and Vicodin. Why should a man woman or even a child have to suffer through these last days when they can choose to die peacefully and with dignity before their illness overtakes their life? When somebody wants to die with dignity they should have the choice to and that’s where physicians assisted suicide should be a viable option. One of the most known and painful terminal illnesses is cancer. It is painful and it takes over a person’s whole body. With the chemotherapy and radiation a person loses their hair and their body weight. The medications that they take can affect them so much that they lose the ability to walk or eat for themselves sometimes they even lose the ability to speak and…

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