Assisted Suicide For The Terminally Ill Essay

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In today’s society, one of the most provocative and notorious issues for debate is the topic of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Commonly known as “euthanasia for humans” this is the act of a physician assisting a patient in great pain, in ending their life upon the patient’s request. Many oppose this, with the main argument being that patients regardless of their current state of health should not put the burden of ending one’s life on physician’s shoulders. Physician assisted suicide is an act that needs to utilized more, with it helping many families in pain, and most of all helping out the patients who cannot bear to live anymore.
When a physician is asked about assisting a patient, they are prone to educate the patient on what will happen if they decide to follow through with the procedure. This ranges from the physician providing valid information as to why the patient is suffering, explaining other alternatives to the patient, seeing that they visit a psychologist to discuss why they want to die, and most of all deciding if they actually want to assist the patient. Among other responsibilities, they must get another physician to approve of the doctor performing assisted suicide on the patient, and most of all administer the lethal dose to end the patients misery, and pain. The definitive task of physicians is deciding whether or not to help their patient with their final request, or otherwise known as their “last right”. In a magazine article by Jon Fuller,…

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