Assisted Suicide For The Terminally Ill Essay

1183 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
I have chosen to write about assisted suicide for the terminally ill. I chose it because it has been in the news lately and I wanted to know more about it. I’ve learned that there are people very passionate for and against it. They all have great points of why it should and why it shouldn’t be legalized. I believe that it should be legalized and my paper will give you a few reasons why. My working thesis is “Assisted suicide should be legal for people with a terminal illness because they have a right to die, they suffer greatly, and there is good that can come from it.” For my research, I looked up some articles online and went to two local libraries. I used the search engine Google and at the libraries I used Destiny Library Book Search, which is the system both libraries use to catalog their books. At my high school’s library, our librarian helped me find the two books I wanted. At the public library in town, I had no help from the librarians finding the book.

Gregory, Andrew. "We Don 't Let Our Animals Suffer So Why Let Humans?" The Daily Mirror 18 Sept. 2013. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. This source came from the internet, but it is also in print version. It comes from London, England and The Daily Mirror produced it. I got access to it my simply searching Google for “people who back assisted suicide”. Gregory’s article is accurate and reliable. There’s a video of an interview conducted with Hawking on the internet where Hawking makes the exact statements that are…

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