Assisted Suicide Essay Solution

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Assisted suicide is a topic that can be very touchy for many people. The term suicide often brings feelings that people don’t want to think about. It can make people feel sadness, grief, loss, and so much more. Then you throw the word “assisted” in there and people often find that more upsetting, like people are giving up on themselves, which isn’t necessarily the case. People don’t want to think about losing someone they love, but in the end everybody has to face death. So, why make someone suffer if there is a way out? I personally think that assisted suicide should be legalized nation wide throughout the United States. However, assisted suicide should be used as a last resort. I feel as though people know when they can’t fight anymore against an illness; constantly fighting has to be both mentally and physically draining. Assisted suicide is a hard concept to grasp, but often people will turn to it thinking it is their only way out. It is their last chance to make a decision and if they want to decide to die in a way that isn’t painful then that should be …show more content…
Many of the states such as Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, and so many more consider assisted suicide to be manslaughter and you can go to jail for up to 10 years depending on the state. Assisted suicide is also considered, first degree murder, second degree murder, and multiple types of felonies (State-by-State Guide to Physician-Assisted Suicide). Often people who want to go down the path of assisted suicide have to travel far to find the help that they need. There are many cases that occur throughout the United States of people using assisted suicide to end their lives. Many people fight for a long time but do not have much else to give in the fight. They search for ways out that make them feel like they still have some sort of dignity. The case below is only one example of many that

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