Assisted Suicide And Terminally Ill Disease Essay

1333 Words Apr 27th, 2015 6 Pages
A loved one gets diagnosed with a terminally ill disease and they are given a couple of options and one of them is assisted suicide, what do you think? Would you want them to end their life even if they are told they only have 5 months to live but maybe they get care from the doctor and live for 5 more years? What would you want them to do, just remember if they end their life you will never speak to them again and you will always wonder if you could have had more good memories with them. With a decision this tough it’s hard to decide what should happen but the patient should choose what is best for them not what is best for its family, but if they get care from the doctor and manage the symptoms they could more than likely live longer and have more good times with loved ones. Now imagine doctors having the power to kill their patients with medicine like a pill, if a loved one gets diagnosed the doctor could just automatically think to the assisted suicide and not even try to help cure your loved one. Across the country people in court are trying to decide if it is acceptable to give doctors the right to be able to legally kill patients. If doctors are granted the right to kill patients will they even try to cure them and give the patient the best care they can or will they just give them the medicine and say “here you go?” Assisted suicide should not be legalized because there is a chance the doctor gave you got the wrong prognosis, doctors and hospitals should up…

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