Essay on Assisted Suicide: Act of Mercy or Murder?

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Assisted Suicide: Act of Mercy or Murder?

By Gorge Lopez


Assisted suicide is also known as the right to die by a person’s choosing. The two main methods for assisted suicide is by lethal injection or by lethal pills .Most terminally ill patients chose to opt for assisted suicide, so that they no longer have to suffer. But more so it is not only terminally ill patients that are opting for an assisted suicide, it has reached out to the elderly as well. In some viewpoints, a person may believe that if a terminally ill person wants to end their life to end their suffering, it should be up to them. There is an opposing side saying that it is unmoral and against god. It is an ongoing discussion that won’t come to an end
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The only side of assisted suicides that I agree with, is if a person is terminally ill and the thought of that person suffering, what type of quality will that person have for the remainder of their life. I mean some people can be considered terminally ill and in a miracle recover, but if the doctors are at a lost and there is not possible cure, than why not give the person the opportunity. Some people think is for the human rights of a person. Put yourself in their shoes, going to bed at night, not sure if you are going to wake up the next morning. Another issue is that some people don’t want to spend their last days all drugged up and barely able to talk. To them this isn’t the quality of life they want to have. A terminally ill patient also believes that if they suffer, the family suffers as well. They also feel that they become burdens to their families. If it is for a patient’s quality of life, let them have that right as a human. It is not just focused towards terminally ill people only but towards the old and elderly. Some elderly people opt for assisted suicide because they don’t want to die alone. They either don’t have family or their family lives to far. The elderly that choose to opt for the assisted suicide have it planned so that someone is

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