Essay Assisted Suicide : A Controversial Topic

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How many people like to fight about little, mundane things? How many people like to fight about who will do the dishes or what to eat for dinner? What if it comes to whether or not to allow a person end their life? Many governments talk about hefty issues like these daily. Some of these issues include abortion and disease pandemics such as Ebola. One of the most discussed issues today is assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is a controversial topic that causes debate globally regarding its legalization. The definition of assisted suicide is helping a person end his or her life, by request, in order to end suffering (Humphrey). In some areas around the world, they are allowed to perform this act. If a physician does this, the motive has to be strictly to end suffering. Once suicide becomes the chosen path of treatment, doctors must limit the medical treatment that the patients were taking that was prolonging their life, or raise the dosage of sedatives or painkillers (Sayare). By raising the dosage, it is comparable to poisoning and results in certain death. Many people mistake assisted suicide with euthanasia. Euthanasia has a nickname of mercy killing, but that does not apply to assisted suicide. Within Assisted suicide, no one is actually doing the killing. The most prominent difference between these two acts is that in assisted suicide, doctors only prescribe the medications that would take one’s life. In euthanasia, the doctor would actually administer the…

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