Essay on Assisted Death : A Controversial Subject

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Assisted Death can be seen as a controversial subject because it begs the question of what is death and how valuable life is. Death is seen as a taboo subject because no living person officially knows what occurs or what it actually is. The only common outlook on death is that everyone will eventually die. With this misconstrued idea of death, the topic of assisted death becomes confusing. Religion, perspective and circumstances shape my view towards assisted death. With each assisted death, I agree the most with active voluntary euthanasia and voluntary euthanasia because the patient makes the choice towards their own life and they are able to avoid the torture of pain or sickness that is caused by with-held medical treatments. That procedure is morally permissible. With assisted death, the patient/individual 's perspective on it is the most significant. Autonomy should matter the most when concerning assisted death. Derek Humphrey of the Hemlock Society wrote "...If you can 't eat, sleep, or read, and the quality of life is so bad, and there is a certainty that you are dying, it is a matter of dignity to be able to end your life."(Pence 51) Humphrey 's statement goes along with my moral perspective on assisted death. The death should be done only when the patient 's situation is unlivable. I go against the natural law theory 's principle of totality where I believe an individual can choose whatever they want to do with their own body once they are stable and competent.…

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