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1. List at least four advantages of indexing. Mention some indexing tips that would be of particular help to a database designer. Also, discuss indexing practices that can adversely affect the performance of a database. In your discussion, include information on how a designer should decide on how many indexes to provide per table.
Indexes are used to boost performance in a database. Finding an individual record or set of records most efficiently done by Index. Index key is the reference point where an index is an ordered arrangement of keys and pointers. Each key is appointed to the location of the data recognized by the key. For example: when we print out at the NEU library we have given our User ID so
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For a successful IS system more appropriate limited, but needed scope that enables the production systems deliverables within reasonable time period, Limiting project’s scope often result in IS that are based on limited data models.
Miss-modeled problem domain.
This is a class of errors including those that arise whenever systems analysts lack a complete understanding of the problem domain. Errors could be the attribute multivalued, depicting a single entity which includes attributes that should be assigned to two separate entities, or miss-modeling the connectivity of a relationship.

4. Using library resources or the Internet, locate (ERD) utility that can be used to create graphic database designs. Provide a general description about the company that produces the tool. Mention the ER modeling techniques offered by the tool and the database products that it supports. Discuss other features that might make this an attractive product to a database designer and explain an entity relationship diagram why.
Microsoft is an American corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and services. Its best known for software products. Microsoft produce Visio software that use for create graphic database designs. Visio simplify complex information with professional diagrams that can create easily.
Its available in three editions: Standard, Professional and premium

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