Assimilation And Accommodation Are Important For The Development Of Children

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1. Assimilation and Accommodation (p. 175): Assimilation and accommodation are very important for the development of children. These two concepts are what allow us to process information and apply it in life. These concepts are closely related to schemes, which help organize thoughts, memories, and behaviors. We can take in new information and apply it to the schemes we have already created in our minds (assimilation). If the information is not what we would expect from the scheme that already exists, we can change that scheme in order to adjust to that new information (accommodation).
2. Disequilibrium (p.176): Disequilibrium is the process when a child encounters a discrepancy in what they expect to exist. Every time that a child encounters discrepancies, it allows them to think in new ways and gain new understanding about their existing schemes. The reason that it is important is because it means that the child is learning and applying new information.
3. Object Permanence (p. 178): Object permanence is one of the most important cognitive accomplishment that a child makes. According to Piaget, it occurs at the end of the sensorimotor stage around the age of 2. This understanding allows a child to realize that even though they cannot see an object that has been removed, it still exists. The child who has mastered this understanding will look around the room for the object that has gone missing.
4. Animism (p.182): This concept is important because it is one of the…

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