Assignment : Writing Instruction / Assessment Essay

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Entry 3: Writing Instruction/Assessment

Lesson Summary -
• For this prompt, I observed a sixth grade class during an ELA lesson about revising essays.
• The teacher implied that the objective for the lesson was for students to be able to revise their essays through the use of a rubric. o Her instruction was well aligned with the objectives. She used various examples and worked on a sample paper in front of the class so students could understand what was expected of them. o The assessment was also well aligned with the objectives. Students had to turn in the graded rough draft with the rubric therefore meeting the objective.
Data -
• See Appendix A

Reflections -
• In this lesson, the teacher taught students strategies that would assist them in bettering their essays. She used a sample to show how to check for grammar/spelling errors, how to vary your vocabulary and how better the structure of the paper. The teacher used the projector to put the sample paper up on the whiteboard and wrote her corrections directly onto it. She would ask students if they noticed anything that needed to be revised and would prompt them if no responses were given. I had the chance to survey the room as the students corrected their papers and to see the rubrics (they used to correct their papers) after they were turned in. There was clear evidence that the students gained valuable skills from the instruction given and improved in their writing. The lesson benefited the students because they…

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