Assignment Unit 7 : Motivation Theories Essay

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The complexity of the human element in productivity gives rise to myriad considerations with respect to management of morale and motivation among the work force. Various techniques are employed in keeping the complex human element of productivity engaged, happy and ultimately productive. Simply putting in long hours is not the solution anymore, but rather application of the principles of working smarter comes into the metrics as well. The consequences of ignoring these concerns regarding the work force and its idiosyncrasies results in low productivity and staff turnover over among other things.

Application of goal setting principles in this case

At Health Information Services (HIS) departments goal setting is examined with respect to compliance with overall corporate targets using four different platforms namely, Re-engineering, Restructuring, Work redesign, Job redesign. These indicators are constantly observed, reworked, and analyzed to ensure HIS is in adherence and on course to achieving its set goals.

Certain additional change factors also militate and impact on the goal alignment trajectory at HIS and these factors are namely, Sector Changes, Organizational Changes and Employee Perceptions. Sector changes like computerization at HIS paused a total shift in processing treatment of work with a dramatic impact on positioning of previously set goals. Organizational changes may impact the entire thrust of the…

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