Essay on Assignment Two : Young Adult Development

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Assignment Two: Young Adult Development
What would you do if you found yourself at the losing end of a business deal? If everything you worked so hard for unraveled right before your very eyes. Would you pack up everything you knew and move thousands of miles away or would you press forward? Guy Pehrrson did not have to imagine this scenario because at the young age of eighteen he watched as his precious crop of flax came crashing down. The decision was made, Pehrrson would choose to leave the farm life behind in northern Minnesota for what he hoped to be a fresh start somewhere else. He chose to leave the depression and overall dysfunction that came with living on the family farm. The adversities and decisions that Guy Pehrrson had to face as a child and young adult directly contribute to his overall development and behavior as an adulthood. A better analysis of Guy Pehrsson’s overcoming adversity and his developmental history can be seen through the exploration of a full case description, identity formation, attachment style, and social issues related to critical race theory and conflict theory.
Case Description A full case analysis will bring a better understand to the overall developmental history of Guy Pehrsson. The case description will include pertinent information that identifies just who Guy is. The description will also include information on his current life and his family origin. In addition, the case will elaborate on the biological,…

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