Assignment: Punishment Philosophy Paper

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Assignment: Punishment Philosophy Paper

There are five punishment philosophies used in the criminal justice system, deterrence, rehabilitation, incapacitation, retribution, and restoration. (Meyer & Grant, 2003) The goal of each philosophy is to prevent criminal offenses from occurring. The first philosophy is deterrence, this philosophy tries to convince people not to commit crimes or violate laws. When a person decides not to do something like parking in a handicapped space because they will be fined for breaking the law, this is called deterrence. Officers can decide to write a warning instead of taking formal actions like having the offender appear in court. (Meyer & Grant, 2003) The two types of deterrence
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(Meyer & Grant, 2003)
Retribution is justified to as any penalty, no matter how harsh, and is based on the “an eye for an eye” concept of criminal punishment. The retributive theory is punishing the offender by taking away their advantages that they might have gained from their criminal or illegal acts. Under this theory, criminals deserve to be punished for the wrongful acts they have committed. Many supported of the retribution theory argue that it is morally wrong to allow a guilty party to escape punishment. (Meyer & Grant, 2003) Retribution does not punish innocent parties or discipline those that cannot be held responsible for their actions. For example, people that have a mental illness cannot be punished since they are not aware that they are committing a crime. By punishing offenders, we restore balance in society instead of society seeking the desire for revenge. (Meyer & Grant, 2003) Restoration is when the criminal offender makes restitution to the victim. Restoration is when the criminal offender pays for any damage or lost property encountered by the victim when the crime is committed. (Meyer & Grant, 2003) Restoration is almost like undoing the crime that was committed against the victim and tries to restore their life back to what it might have been like before the crime was committed. No matter what the sentencing guideline are for an offense, the judge or prosecution may also ask addition sanctions like

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