Assignment : Professional Goals Statement Essays

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Assignment: Professional Goals Statement
The effective science teaching will help students foster and develop conceptual understandings as science learners for the rest of their life. It emphasizes engaging in and learning about scientific practice [1]. By understanding these perspectives can help educators providing more meaningful science teaching environment. The goal of this professional goal statement is to enhance the science and pedagogical knowledge of professional science teachers to improve the student learning outcome in the secondary education as well as the elementary education with a few fundamental goals such as the following:
First of all, the goal is to make the student become an active learner by fostering an engaging in the classroom with students by multiple teaching methods. For example, preparing an engaging science lessons with different approach such as auditory, visualization, internet surfing, or group activities. These will make the student become more interacted and actively participate in class activities or group project. This teaching is far more than the chapter in a textbook or the next standards based lecture. Also, these multiple teaching methods will actively engage students in their own learning ability. By carefully planned laboratory experiments, real world investigations, inquiry based understanding, and performance based study units, the students can actively engage and learn better in both practical hands on and conceptual…

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