Reflective Essay: Math 32 First Assignment

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Math 32 First Assignment
School is a huge part of growing up for everyone. It’s where our lives get started and we learn not just book smarts, but life skills as well. From kindergarten to the 12th grade, I’ve learned so much that its hard to fit it into one essay, but I’ll try. I know that in elementary school, like many others, I just followed the crowd. Teachers were supreme authority, lines were necessary for everything from drinking at the water fountain to waiting for lunch. Sitting at designated tables and spots so I felt like it was going to be very uniform and boring.
As I progressed to middle school, I felt like an adult. Little did I know, I was far from that. At this point, I was somewhat of a trouble maker, running the halls,
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They made me feel smart and important, like I had potential in life. It was a very warm, reassuring feeling. These particular teachers helped me not just through high school, but in life. Toward the end of my junior year, my father unexpectedly died of an overdose. So while I was going through that very difficult time, I had many teachers and friends that were very empathetic but I didn’t seem to last very long. The way I dealt with it, I was very reserved to myself. I had a smile on my face and pain behind that smile. But I knew that I had to continue with my life because what happened couldn’t be undone no matter how hard I tried. So my senior year hit and of course I signed up for all easy classes and no math. I did, however, sign up for an AP Psychology class. And that is where I found myself at 7:50am every morning thirsting for knowledge about the human brain. Everything about it fascinated me beyond belief. My teacher, Dr. Hale, had a way of teaching that wasn’t through lectures and PowerPoint’s, but with life stories, interactive discussions, and hands on projects and presentations. It was after this class that I decided that I wanted to major in something that had to do with analyzing the human brain. So my educational years had their ups and downs, friends and enemies, but once I learned that I wasn’t going to be living the rest of my life like a circus ape strapped into a car seat, I set a goal for myself to somehow change the world. I told myself that I would never conform to the traditional way of thinking. I started to question everything that I was told. This is where I think I unlocked the full potential behind being a human, and that was to live life for yourself and no one else. I knew that if I was happy with myself and my way of thinking, I would never live another boring, standardized day in my

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