Essay on Assignment: Data Flow Diagram and Monthly Statements

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Textbook Assignment Instructions

Textbook Assignment 1 (Module/Week 4):
Complete the following Short Problems: SP 4-1, SP 4-2, SP 4-3, SP 4-5.

SP 4-1

a. Prepare a table of entities and activities for the Webster, Inc. process described below.

Webster, Inc. sells plumbing supplies to contractors in the southern region of the United States. Each month, the IT division at Webster prints monthly statements and sends them to the accounts receivable (AR) department, where a clerk mails them to the customers. Webster’s customers mail their payments back to Webster, where a clerk in AR batches the checks and sends them to the cashier. The AR clerk then uses the payment stub to enter the payments into the computer, where the AR
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Sends checks to cashier 4. Uses payments stub to enter payments into computer | 2.0 Recieves and records payment |

b. Prepare a logical DFD (level 0 only) based on the table you prepared in part (a).

Webster, Inc. Logical DFD (Level 0)

1.0 Sends payment due
1.0 Sends payment due

Send monthly statements
Send monthly statements

Customer Customer

payments stubs payments stubs


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