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Register to read the introduction… Case Study Homework Assignments Case Study Assignment 1 CS #1, #3 & #7 ______/30 Points Case Study Assignment 2 CS #5, #36 & #25 ______/30 Points Case Study Assignment 3 CS #18 & 20 _____/20 Points Total = _________/80 points Extra Credit Reflections (WebCT Discussion Section) Reflection 1 (Freud) _______/ 4 points Reflection 2 (Jung) _______/ 4 points Reflection 3 (Adler) _______/ 4 points Reflection 4 (Erikson) _______/ 4 points Reflection 5 (Costa/McCrae)_______/ 4 points Reflection 6 (Skinner) _______/ 4 points Reflection 7 (Maslow) _______/ 4 points Reflection 8 (Rogers) _______/ 4 points Total = _________/32 extra credit points * Divide all your earned points_________ /345 Points = % points/grade for the class * Final letter grades are calculated based on a percentage of total earned points on the three exams and homework: A = 90-100% (310 & up) B = 80-89% (276 - 309) C = 70-79% (241.5 - 275) D = 60-69% (207- 240) F = 59% and below (206 & …show more content…
What evidence is there that Martin had feelings of inferiority? Adler believed that inferiority is a universal human condition. Children feel their first pangs of inferiority as an infant as they compare their relative helplessness to the competence of the adults or older children around them. Feelings of inferiority provide the motivation for human striving. For Adler inferiority was not a weakness or an abnormality, but a basic motivator, common to all people. As people try to compensate for feelings of inferiority they experience individual growth. Thus Adler believed feelings of inferiority are necessary. (Schultz & Schultz, p. 132) (Akiyama, See Adler Lecture, slide 6) Alongside to the usual struggles of childhood, Martin experienced many “overburdening childhood situations” which led to additional feelings of inferiority. (Akiyama, See Adler Lecture, slide 8) Martin experienced neglect, rejection, poverty, and sibling competition as a child. With little or no ability to correct these situations Martin was left with a feeling of inferiority. We can see evidence for Martin’s inferiority manifested in his feelings and statements. Martin stated that neither parent loved him, and also that he was aware that his mother resented him as symbol of the loss of her affluent single life. Martin also was embarrassed by his humble beginnings, his ethnic background, his parent’s lack of education, and their lack of basic material needs. Martin also states that he was physically

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