Assignment 8 Stretch 'R Wings Inc. Analysis Buisness Plan Essay

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Stretch 'r Wings Inc. Analysis Stretch and Wing Inc.’s Sales Approach Stretch and Wing’s Sales approach appears to be very cohesive. It is very well thought out and organized well. By reading this, it informs you how a company would implement their business plan and actually is a perfect setup to give to one’s investors or banks when first seeking out a loan. The way the plan states that their aluminum frame, their built-in storage drawers, and their glide ease stretcher systems are all superior to their competitors while being more cost effect shows their investors that Stretch and Wing Inc.’s has a leg up on their competition by comparing similar products. The companies also going to only hire a sales team which are …show more content…
Next, I am going to discuss a few additions and changes that Stretch ‘r Wings can do to improve their sales plan to make it more comprehensive and to better communicate their sales approach to their investors and bankers. One thing they could do is reevaluate their business concepts by recognizing their business’s limitations to avoid mistakes. One thing they could adjust is to make sure that their not over estimating their projected earnings each year. They could go back an reevaluate current economy and their field to ensure that they aren’t saying the wrong thing to bankers and investors, which if they have knowledge of the field, could end the business deal. Another thing they could change is that even though that in a great and perfect world they would only hire sales associates that have a great knowledge an sales experience of aviation, they should could up with a backup plan. They could either add or change how they are discussing their employees. They should mention whether or not they are going to provide intensive training to ensure that each sales associate is on the same level and have the same knowledge of the product. Also, if they do choose adding a training class to no hire’s they could break down the class and explain that as well. I thought they could also add how much advertising would cost them as well as what they are planning to do with advertising. I have personally seen what happens to a company if they

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