Assignment 8 Luiz Felippe Alcantara Essay

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Luiz Felippe Alcantara Systems Engineering Management
March, 23 2015. Dr. Bill Phillips

Chapter 11 – Planning
11-1 - Under what conditions would each of the following either not be available or not be necessary for initial planning?
a. Work breakdown structure
b. Statement of work
c. Specifications
d. Milestone schedules
In many cases it is not possible to know every single part of a project. Therefore the whole planning for the project will be based on the assumptions made by the engineer. Misunderstanding of goals or unclear objectives most of times cause some failure or disagreement on project. Part of the planning faze as Work Breakdown, Statement of Work, Specifications, Milestone Schedules looks very simple, have all this
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However divide the work is a project manager role, the functional manager needs to be engaged with the team and provide all information need by the PM
11-8 - Should the length of a program have an impact on whether to set up a separate project or task for administrative support? How about for raw materials?
Yes, because if this project take too long they will use many employees to accomplish their task, the other projects need to deal with the lake of employees, so they need to be aware about the time frame so they can plan in advance which professionals they will be available to work in the project.
11-36 - The director of project management calls you into his office and informs you that one of your fellow project managers has had a severe heart attack midway through a project. You will be taking over his project, which is well behind schedule and overrunning costs. The director of project management then “orders” you to complete the project within time and cost. How do you propose to do it? Where do you start? Should you shut down the project to re-plan it?
It is not an easy work to accomplish but it is huge opportunity to become a great project manager, however the chances of fail is bigger rather than success. If I’m accept this challenge I need to be aware of the entire project before start work on it, and maybe re-plan it to achieve my level of work. After a briefly study we need talk with team members, stack holders,

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