Essay on Assignment 4

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This paper answers two exercise questions from Chapter 11. In the first question, the reader is asked to choose a decision-making option that would be most appropriate for a given situation. The second question asks the reader to assess a project team and provide recommendations to strengthen the team’s identity.

Assignment 4
1. Assume that you have the following decision-making options: 1) make the decision on your own with available information, 2) consult others before making a decision, 3) call a meeting and reach a consensus, seeking to arrive at a final decision everyone can agree on. Which approach would you use to make each of the following decisions and why?
a. You are the project leader for Casino Night on campus,
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ii. The team identity is strong for several reasons. The team name and team rituals were created with input from all members of the group. The team rituals help to establish a team subculture and set the project work apart from the day-to-day work (Larson, 2014, p288).
The team meets in a common location on a bi-weekly basis to discuss upcoming events and successes that need to be recognized. These periodic meetings provide a forum for communicating

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