Assignment 2 Essay

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Silvia Chapa
Dr. Karani
Assignment 2

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Smarty Pants and Donorschoose both a 10 in their efforts to build credibility and trust. Both organizations used the eight techniques for engendering credibility, legitimacy, and trust. The fact that Smarty Pants advocates for brain health in children impresses me. It is great to see an organization put forth the effort to supply a vitamin that benefits children in receiving their correct micronutrients to support brain health. As stated in the textbook, “All children benefit from appropriate daily supplements of three micronutrients that support brain health – Omega 3, DHA, and Vitamin D. Until now, these three micronutrients could be bought
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If you point the ethical values out on the website with a certain tab for them, I feel that people will take it like they are trying to enforce rules rather than implying what they believe are their ethical values on how their organization should act. Also, proving that they follow their ethical values on their website will allow the consumer or donor see that they not only believe what they preach but also abide what they preach. Disciplinary codes allow the profession to set a standard of code and ensure that the workers for the company or organization meet this standard, by disciplining them from the professional point if they do not practice accordingly. Most companies have internally required codes of practice that members of the profession must follow to prevent corruption of the client and to preserve the integrity of the profession. This is not only for the assistance the client but also for the assists those who work for the company or donate to the organization. It also maintains the public’s trust in the profession, encouraging the public to continue seeking their services. Allowing those professionals who act with integrity to practice in the knowledge that they will not be undermined commercially by those who have fewer ethical worries.
3. Building credibility and trust can help a firm or organization avoid

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