Assignment 2 Water Park Essay

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Chasidy Lovett
Instructor: Nancy Blair
TV and the American Family HUM-110HM-CL03
24 August 2014
Water Parks The question of what does integrity mean to me? Integrity is within a person and how they show themselves to the world. A person with integrity is more righteous or has higher morals then others; they are honest even when it is not in their best interest. This person would also have strong ethics like being trustworthy or truthful. I definitely understand a family vacation and how important it can be but when it comes to Hal and Lois’ decision to get a babysitter for Dewey no matter what, does not matter who it is as long as we can go on our vacation mind frame is horrible and I do not see any type of integrity in this part of
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This all still comes back on the parent’s bad decision in the first place, they should have never of went on the family vacation to the water park without all of the kids. I do not know that the neighbors would know but the emergency medical technicians should have made sure the child was okay. In conclusion, I think this show has some horrible parenting and the decisions the parents made as to how they handled their children were not very good. I have watched a few episodes and found this to be true in most of the episodes. How disrespectful that the son pushed the mother at the top of the water slide and I am saying that her screaming at the top of her lungs at the water park was right either but he should never have pushed her. “Malcolm in the Middle” is a great show for comedy, just for laughs but definitely not to get some parenting tips from.

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