Assignment 2 Marketing Principles Unit4 Essay

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HND Business
4-Marketing Principles

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This discusses the details of marketing principles and this assignment has considered Coca cola, a company which is in the soft drinks industry as the base. This includes evaluation of benefits and costs of a company being market oriented and the deviation from its core activities. Further this discusses the micro and macro factors that affect Coca cola and how the marketing decisions should be taken considering these factors. The segmentation aspect which is adopted in Coca cola is discussed here. And effective strategies adopted in a company lead the company to
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The methods of Advertising the company used, have helped immensely for the growth of the company and they sell 1 billion servings every day (Coca cola website, 2013)

Coca cola operates a franchised system for distribution since 1889 and have been very successful. The drawback of the company is that most of the beverages that are being sold by them are unhealthy. However the demand has not got heavily impacted because, most of the customers are addicted to having these beverages. Coca Cola Company offers about 500 brands and is spread among about 200 countries. And they have a competitive advantage and its difficult for the competitors to bypass Coca cola (Coca cola website, 2013)

Task 1.1
Explain the various elements of the marketing process:
The marketing process consists of four steps. These four steps are all completed with the goal of creating value for your target customers. Some elements of the steps are performed continuously, such as monitoring the marketing environment. Some are done annually, such as the annual development of a marketing communications plan. Lastly, some of the steps, if done correctly, should last for decades, such as segmentation, targeting, and positioning. (According J. Hargrave, 2010)

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