Essay on Assignment 2: Language Related Tasks

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Assignment 2: Language related tasks.

Lexis 1

We can put off sleeping for a limilted period.


To decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later date or time *

Concept questions:
Do we want to do this now? No
Will we delay this until a later time? Yes
Will we complete it at some point in the future? Yes

Other examples:
A businessman who puts off a meeting or an important decision, students who put off doing their assignments, an engaged couple who puts off their wedding.
An engaged couple may put off their wedding if they don’t have enough money saved up to pay for it. Students may put off doing their homework until it’s almost too late.


Put off (verb+ adverb) is a
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Solution: Separate the two syllables of happened as /hæp/ and /ənd/. Drill separately then drill natural model.

Collins English Dictionary Third Edition

Grammar 2

…but sooner or later we will be asleep.

Expressing a prediction about being in a state of sleep in the future

Concept Questions:
Are we asleep now? No
Will we be asleep in the future? Yes
But do we know for certain that we will be sleeping in the future? No


…but sooner or later we will be asleep.
(future auxiliary verb+ infinitive without to + adjective)

N.B. The future auxiliary shall can be used to replace will. The subject pronoun, we can merge with auxiliary verb will to form we’ll, /wiːl/


/wɪl bi: əsli:p/ (alternative, /æsli:p/) will be asleep

Of the 4 syllables present the stress is put mainly on the 2nd and the last.

Anticipated problems and solutions

Problem: Ss may confuse the adjective asleep with the noun (or verb), sleep.
Solution: Write on the board, such as ‘We will be sleep’ Is this correct? Elicit the correct answers and ask ss to correct the board.
Problem: Ss may say ‘We will to be asleep’ thinking that they should include the ‘to’ from the infinitive of ‘to be’.
Solution: Write sentence on board including ‘to’. Elicit from ss the correct sentence and put other examples up for ss to correct.
Problem: Ss may think this is in the present tense

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