Assignment 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation Essay

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Professor Olivia Uitto
SCI110 – Introduction to Physical Science
August 26, 2015 Global warming is thephraseused to refer to a steadyincrease in theaveragetemperature of the Earth, a change that is understood to be permanentlychangingour Earth’s climate. Numerousstudieshaveidentifiedthatnaturaland anthropogenic processesinfluencechanges in the global climate. In Earth’s history, before the Industrial Revolution around 1760, the Earth’s climatechanged due to naturalcauses not related to humanactivity. Naturalclimateeventsincludesolar variability due to sunspot
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Theincreasedquantities of carbon dioxide andothergreenhousegasesreleased by the burning of fossilfuels, agriculture, landclearing, andotherhumanactions, are theprimarysources of the global warming that has happened over thepastfew decades.

Global warming is occurring. We are thereason. We are overburdening our atmosphere with carbon dioxide, trappingheatanddriving up our planet’s temperature. Thefossilfuelsweburnforenergy, plus theloss of forests due to deforestation forlanduseandagriculture is theproblem. Climatescientists are looking at data andfacts, andtheyagreetheplanet is warming. Thescientificconsensus on climatic changesconnected to global warming is thattheaveragetemperature of our Earth has risen between 32.72 and 33.44 °F over thepast 100 years. Scientists from the IPCC haverecentlypredictedthatglobal averagetemperatures could increase between 34.52 and 42.44 °F by theyear 2100. Therefore, changesresulting from global warming includerising sea levels due to the melting of thepolaricecaps. The sea level has slowlybeenrising due to the melting of icebergs from theworld's landiceandindividualmountainglaciers. Anotherclimatechange is evident by theincrease in occurrenceandseverity of stormsandothersevereweatherevents. Global warming affectsstormformation by decreasingthetemperaturedifference between thepolesandtheequator. Thattemperaturedifferencefuelsthe mid-latitude

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