Assignment 2: Chain Management at Durham International Manufacturing Company (Dimco)

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Assignment 2: Chain Management at Durham International Manufacturing Company (DIMCO) Case Study
Determine whether integration efforts should start with suppliers, distribution, or both. Explain the rationale for your decision.
What are the basic components of a supply chain? Most companies are utilizing a five supply chain components, in order to bring products to the marketplace. The five supply chain components are Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, and Consumers/Customers. Effective integration and management of supply chain components and processes is helping to cost reduction and improve customer service. Supply Chain integration also gives a new set of capabilities which helps to the company to increase revenue and
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At the same time, the difficulty associated with finding alternative supply sources forces the buyers to build-up inventory. As B2B promotes information flow and enhances transparency, supply-chain management becomes possible. In addition, both the sellers and sellers enjoy reduced order processing costs and lower cost of interacting with each other.
The benefits that can be achieved from B2B e-commerce solutions are well known. They include cost efficiencies, coupled with improved quality for products and services; greater visibility into every part of the supply chain with minimal effort; and streamlining of the supply chain by cutting out unnecessary delays. With improved access to demand and forecasting data, trading partners can hold optimal levels of stock while still improving on-time delivery metrics.
By providing the right information quickly, without error, and without the need to re-key data, employees spend less time sorting out incorrect transactions, and staff can be redeployed to tasks that differentiate a business from its competitors. With the help of B2B e-commerce solutions, a business can become more agile: able to grow rapidly without back-office operations becoming a bottleneck and able to change processes easily and quickly to meet new customer demands. All successful companies build strong relationships with their suppliers. Companies are not isolated entities that simply

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