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Systems Consideration in HRIS
Jamelle Reeves
HR Information System
January 27, 2013

2 Human Resources play a major role for most companies. It ensures that the company has set rules and regulations that allow the company to run smoothly. The use of HR database systems is very important to help meet the needs of the business. These systems allow your HR Team to start working more efficiently while better utilizing time and resources. The best HR database software will help you organize all your employee files and put this information onto a single searchable database. NuView Systems, Inc. provides a wide range of services to ensure that your implementation is both on time and on budget, and that
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Using several different operating systems on the network also leads to corruption possibilities. The MS database requires a lot of professional training and usually tends to have a higher learning trend. This database is not as easy to use as most databases. There may

5 also be issues with internet use and poor performance if multiple applications are running at once. MS Access doesn’t have the good server like most databases. Integrated HR Information Systems (HRIS) have a profound effect on firms that implement them. What is ideal is for firms to have one HRIS to include personnel database, payroll system and benefits systems. Many people focus on the improved reporting and processing that will be realized from the new system, and those are the reasons most firms choose to implement a new HRIS. What the higher ups do not realize is the consequences that the new HRIS will most likely affect the company much more deeply – it will challenge the operating structure and principles of all the HR-related departments. Many companies go through a process of comparing and evaluating several HRIS packages using a team of analysts or managers from the various departments affected – HR, payroll, benefits, and employee relations, training and so on. As this team prepares its evaluation criteria and reviews HRIS features, much is learned about the goals and values of the various departments. The HR department is looking for

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